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Alzheimer's Disease

Soluble Aβ are digested by enzymes and bound by proteins, leading to good immunity. However binding to ApoE4 leads to impaired immunity due to a lack of protein production. Neuronal stress leads to the over-expression of Tau and p-Tau. Consequently, insoluble Aβ lead to microglia-induced inflammation in the central nervous system, as well as inflammation in the peripheral immune system. This, along with the neuronal stress leads to Alzheimer’s Disease 

Alzheimer's Disease Treatment Prerequisites

In order to create an effective and safe treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease, it is crucial to target at least one of the major pathological proteins, such as Aβ or Tau. Then, it is necessary to rehabilitate the impaired immune system by balancing the acquired and innate immune systems. This is done with the objective of causing no harm to the patient undergoing the long-term treatment. Nonetheless, it is also necessary to avoid repeated treatments when possible

Principles Used to Treat Alzheimer's Disease Patients


We have designed a novel vaccine with immunomodulatory efffects and multiple other functions by using concepts from traditional Chinese medicine, specifically Jun-Chen-Zhou-Shi


Jun refers to the key element or major molecule that fights the disease


Chen is the component which has the ability of assisting or enhancing the function of Jun

Zhou is the component or molecule which can address the adverse effects Jun or Chen could potentially cause

Shi works as the messenger that has the ability of passing Jun’s function in order to reach the targeted area