MegaNano BioTech. Inc.


Elementor #705

Intellectual Property

MegaNano BioTech has exclusively licensed the dendritic vaccine platform

developed by Dr. Chuanhai Cao which has the following novelties:

– Using healthy donor’s blood instead of patient’s blood to generate the

therapeutic vaccine

– Using immature dendritic cell to generate the vaccine other than

matured dendritic cells vaccine

– Using killed and lyophilized antigen sensitized dendritic cell as vaccine to

open this cell-based treatment available to patients around the world

– This therapeutic vaccine applies to any antigen related diseases. It has

been tested for AD and PD treatment and is under testing for lung

cancer, malaria

Advantages of a Dendritic Vaccine

  • Overcome aging related immune tolerance.
  • Bridged innate immunity and acquired immunity to control overreaction to a vaccine.
  • Dendritic cell vaccine has been used in clinical for years and has no significant adverse effects.
  • Meganano Biotech’s vaccine has outperformed competitors by utilizing a heterologous source, without needing a clod chain, and providing a more powerful vaccine. It is also a more affordable treatment than those of close competitors.
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Alzheimer's Disease - Amyloid Beta and Aging (Pre-clinical study - Animal study completed)
Time to clinical trials 50%
Parkinson's Disease - Alpha Synuclein and Aging (Pre-clinical study - Animal study completed)
Web Designer 50%