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Types of vaccines

  • Preventative Vaccine: Targets younger populations who have a better tolerance for the vaccine-induced T-cell response. Higher and longer antibody response (adjuvant allowed)
  • Therapeutic Vaccine: Targets patients currently diagnosed with AD who have a weaker tolerance for vaccine-related adverse effects.

Quick antibody response, but can maintain low and steady antibody titers with little to no inflammatory response. (adjuvant is not included, if possible)

Intellectual Property

MegaNano BioTech has exclusively licensed the dendritic vaccine platform developed by Dr. Chuanhai Cao which has the following novelties:

  • Using healthy donor’s blood instead of patient’s blood to generate the therapeutic vaccine
  • Using immature dendritic cell to generate the vaccine other than matured dendritic cells vaccine
  • Using killed and lyophilized antigen sensitized dendritic cell as vaccine to open this cell-based treatment available to patients around the world
  • This therapeutic vaccine applies to any antigen related diseases. It hasbeen tested for AD and PD treatment and is under testing for lungcancer, malaria

Advantages of a Dendritic Vaccine

  • Overcome aging related immune tolerance.
  • Bridged innate immunity and acquired immunity to control overreaction to a vaccine.
  • Dendritic cell vaccine has been used in clinical for years and has no significant adverse effects.
  • Meganano Biotech’s vaccine has outperformed competitors by utilizing a heterologous source, without needing a clod chain, and providing a more powerful vaccine. It is also a more affordable treatment than those of close competitors.
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